Philips EasyKey 702 Video Lock

Remote video monitoring with visible security

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SGD 1,249.00

Philips EasyKey 702 video lock makes real-time online via the Wi-Fi connection. After binding the Philips EasyKey App, you can view the lock activity history and encrypted information, remotely send temporary PIN codes, and view the real-time situation at the door by clicking the video button. A smart suitable choice for your family.

Access Mode

Mobile App
PIN Code
Mechanical Keys
WIFI (If upgraded)
Remote Controller


Two-way Audio Talk
Built-in electronic doorbell
PIN code distributing


Zinc alloy
Door Thickness
38-60 mm 60-90 mm
Power Supply
Li-polymer battery
Dimensions Front
411.8 * 74.6 * 54.4 mm
Dimensions Back
412.1 * 78.3 * 67.1 mm
User Capacity (Fingerprint)
User Capacity (RFID Card)
User Capacity (RFID Tag)
User Capacity (Master PIN Code)
User Capacity (User PIN Code)
User Capacity (One-Time PIN Code)
Smartphone App
Philips EasyKey App
Override Mechanical Keys


3 Years
Add on Gateway
No, built-in WIFI

When the visitor presses the doorbell, a message will be sent to the APP instantly no matter where you are. You could start a two-way intercom with the visitor and remotely check the front door situation where you could then distribute a 30-min valid temporary PIN code to the visitors.

When the doorbell rings, the video lock will automatically record a 10 to 60-sec outdoor video so you won’t miss any visitor information even when you are not at home.

When a target approaches and stops in front of the lock, the equipped ultrasonic sensor module will quickly calculate the waves reflected from the target. If it detects a human movement, facial recognition will start to work.

Test data shows the power consumption of the ultrasonic sensor module is only 10% of the traditional infrared sensor module. which is highly energy-efficient and guarantees the long-lasting battery life.

A built-in Wi-Fi module allows you to connect to the Wi-Fi without a gateway. You can check the smart lock access records and PIN code confirmation via the Philips EasyKey app anywhere. Remote distribution of a Temporary 30-minute PIN code saves more time for your visitors. You don’t need to worry about keeping them waiting at the door for a long time even if you are not at home.

With a touch sensor and an infrared sensor on the handle, the door could be opened much easier. Once the hand touches the touch sensor and the infrared sensor detects the obstruction, the lock will open.

In the dual verification mode, you could open the door with any two verification methods (fingerprint, PIN code), which provides double protection for home security.

The Philips EasyKey 702 push-pull smart door lock utilises fully automatic mortise. Without the need for any extra action, the deadbolt will spontaneously pop out after you close the door. If the door is not locked properly, the mortise will sound an alarm to alert you on the door lock status.

Philips EasyKey comes with the feature of Fake PIN Code technology which allows you to enter random number combinations to successfully get identified as long as there is consecutive input of the real password. This feature can effectively prevent peeping and safeguard your real password.

The fingerprint sensor is integrated in the push-pull handle so that when you hold the handle, your finger will naturally fall on the sensor. You can simply reach out and intuitively touch the sensor, then push to open after a successful fingerprint verification. The single-step unlocking feature will definitely bring you a fast and convenient door opening experience.


Before leaving home, you can touch the outside forced lock key to enable the function so that opening the door from inside the room will trigger an alarm. This feature can effectively warn you of security risks and upgrade the level of home security.

The upgraded fully automatic mortise makes it possible for instant unlocking right after a successful verification. Once you are recognised, you can directly push or pull the handle to open the door, which greatly simplifies the use of your door lock and brings you a fast and convenient in and out experience.

You can enable the safe handle function before you leave home. After the door is locked, the indoor handle will be fixed to ensure that nobody could open the door by pushing the indoor handle. This feature can effectively prevent unlocking from indoor, thus eliminating security risks and improves anti-theft performance.

Lock cylinder is the key component that controls the opening of the lock and is compared to the heart of a lock. Super C grade lock cylinder employs multiple anti-theft technologies with unique design of the pin tumbler and vane structure, it is able to provide high deterrence against technical lock-picking.

Philips EasyKey 702 is featured with all-around alarm functions which not only improves the anti-theft level of your home and safeguard you and your family in real time, but also reminds you of the door lock status to create convenience for use.