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Frequently Asked Questions

View our list of Dealers to locate one nearest to you and you can also purchase on their web pages.

You may also wish to purchase directly from our online platforms:
Shopee ðŸ›’
Lazada ðŸ›’

Alternatively, visit us at our showroom located at 33 Ubi Ave 3, #01-12 Vertex, Singapore 408868 (Mondays – Fridays: 9am to 8pm, Saturdays and Public Holidays: 11am to 8pm).

Observe their opening hours when planning your visit. Our dealers are well equipped to brief you on the specifications of our products and to advise you on the most suitable model according to your needs. Upon purchase, the dealer will schedule an installation appointment with you immediately.

Yes, all prices are nett and inclusive of installation.

A technician will arrive at your premise during the allocated time slot. The technician will fix the Philips EasyKey digital lock onto your door (chiselling of your door would be required, depending on the lockset that you have purchased). The technician will also activate and demonstrate how to register and use the Philips EasyKey digital lock. Afterwhich, the technician will request for you sign off a checklist on the job that has been performed. A photograph would be taken for reference.

There could be rare situations that the set purchased may not be suitable for installation on your gate/door. Examples of such situations may include certain door or gate features that hinder the installation. If such situations occur, the technician may consult with the dealer to offer an alternative product.

To be covered for warranty, all users must register for warranty on our webpage Register Warranty tab. The same information can also be found in your warranty card on the steps to register for warranty.

We have a 24/7 hotline for any technical support and defects listed on our webpage. The same information can be found on our warranty card.

All Philips EasyKey digital locks and smart viewers are covered for 3 years and 2 years respectively, full parts and labour from date of installation. All other products will be covered for 1 year. Purchase receipt to be kept by you for valid verification. In scenarios without proof of purchase or warranty registration, we reserve the right to reject the warranty claim.

The software of your DV001 might not be updated to version [09.81000.00.15] yet.

  1. Select left-most (battery) icon labelled ‘Mode’, and select left-most (lightning bolt) icon labelled ‘General Mode’
  2. Go to home, select ‘Settings’ -> ‘Network’ -> ’Scan QR code’ to pair the DV001 with your mobile app.
    Go to home, select ‘Settings’ -> ‘Network’ -> ’Wi-Fi’ to connect the DV001 to your home wifi.
  3. From the home page, go to ‘Settings’ -> ‘My Device’ to see if the ‘Firmware Version’ is [09.81000.00.15]
  4. If it is not [09.81000.00.15], scroll all the way down to ’System Upgrade’ and select ‘Check Now’ and ‘Update’

Yes, each smart lock is connectable to 1 administrator and 3 user accounts (applicable for Wi-Fi via Gateway, for direct Wi-Fi access i.e. 702 range is single user account only). The wifi unlock is limited to the administrator account, and the remaining user accounts may only have bluetooth unlock access, and view entry log data via the app.

The gateway is a device that connects your digital smart lock to your home Wifi network to give you remote access.
After successfully binding the Philips Gateway with the smart door lock, the EasyKey app can be used to remotely control the lock: remotely create a PIN code & OTP, view the door lock access record in real time, remotely set the door lock parameters.

After connecting your smart lock to your EasyKey app, go to your door lock settings and scroll down to ‘Assign to Gateway’.

*For better understanding, do refer to our video tutorial as a guide.

  • Indicator flashes in Red & Blue – Preparing to add a new smart-lock or resetting the network.
  • Indicator stays in Blue – Network is connected.
  • Indicator flashes in Blue – Network is connecting.
  • Indicator flashes in Red – Firmware upgrade or gateway reset.

The Master pin is used to access controls & settings of your digital lock (add/delete fingerprint/pin, mute, etc.)
To access the master mode on the lock, brush the surface of the touchpad to wake it and follow these steps.
1. Press ‘#’
2. Enter your 8 digit master pin ending with ‘#’ (eg. ********#)
3. Follow the audio guide to navigate in settings.

Use a (+) shaped screwdriver tip, size #0 (2.5mm) to unscrew the back cover of the remote control, and replace with a new CR2032 battery.

Yes. Our products can only connect to 2.4GHz, and are incompatible with 5GHz and mesh type wifi at the moment.

Please be reminded to keep a spare mechanical key with you at all times (in your bag, car, office or with your parents).

Should a locksmith service be required to open your digital door/gate lock (irregardless of whether your key compartment is accessible), customers will have to bear the charges incurred for the locksmith service. For urgent cases, the locksmith engaged by us will reach your home within 2 hours.

In the event that there is a need for your digital lock to be damaged by the locksmith to unlock your door/gate, a replacement set will be chargeable.

Any trip cancellation or rescheduling that occurs within 3 working days will be charged a $60 fee +GST.

A cancellation charge will be imposed after a grace period of 15mins upon installer’s arrival. This is to prevent any delay for the next job site.

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